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Our Culture

Culture shapes human development

We are working hard to build a culture which celebrates diversity, aesthetics, and ethics, and nurtures a forward-thinking community of nobles, who are capable of powering a better society.

We cultivate it through different aspects, from our innovative yet heritage-embracing approach in interior design to well-curated content spanning across diverse domains.

Curated by Toong

Based on detailed researches on a typical work day, we cooperate with prominent and like-minded partners to delight your days with experimental and participatory programs which naturally fuel your inner growth and transformation.

Fashion For Soul

Harness the power of fashion as a holistic therapy, Fashion For Soul – a workshop series tailored by Toong, F.A.C.E Fashion Workshop, and Style Republik – is a haven for young entrepreneurs of the age of industrialization. Under the instruction of professional designers, participants will have a chance to craft their own fashion items, thereby uncovering the magic beneath clothes, and at the same time, contemplating their true selves.

Toong Connect

Toong Connect

A Tedtalk-like series where Toong members take the stage and share their insights into a particular topic and participants get peer-to-peer assistance in challenges they are facing. Get to know about the process to transform a good idea into cinema with the sharing of The Bachelor’s producer, or how to use innovative content to build brand with the tips of the co-founder of Vietcetera, and more to come.

Director workshop

Where art enthusiasts huddle and set on a quest for the truest gem of cinema hidden inside its specific language, accompanied by Director Tran Anh Hung – one of the most celebrated figures in Vietnamese cinema history, who is internationally admired for his transcending the traditional storytelling rules and creating a world of senses and subtlest emotions.

Meditation screening

Meditation screening

Not just to enjoy a good movie, but to get a glimpse into life. We have a sharing session after every movie screening with the guidance of a mindful trainer or wellbeing coach. You will have a chance to open up your heart, to get closer with people around you, and to fill the world with empathy.

Community dinner

Enjoying through appreciation, forming new ideas and sharing them with the community, these shared goals of Toong and An Bien have given birth to Community Dinner. Held every month with an intriguing theme, this is an occasion for you to enjoy Hai Phong’s authentic dishes while delving in a social issue through different perspectives.

Everyone is an artist

An interactive exhibition series to awaken the artist within each single person, developed in the belief that doing so will make us all better people, living in a more fulfilling and enlightened world. The series started with POT AU PHỞ, a photography exhibition of Julien Brun and Nguyen Da Quyen – an award-winning self-taught artist.

Humans of Toong

People acquire belief and values from people around them. Our community is made up of not just excellent minds but those having great stories to tell. They can be an intrepid marine who founded a leading e-commerce platform, a worldwide respected filmmaker who set new aesthetic standards, or a couple who loves to serve better coffee.

Toong Connect is always on the lookout for empowering stories, experiences, lesson learnt, insights. If you want to share our stage, don’t hesitate to leave us a message here.

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