General policy at Toong

1Operating hours:

- Opening hours: 8 A.M – 9 P.M. daily.
- Toong will ensure using entire space for working purposes from 8 A.M. to 5:30 P.M., Monday to Friday.
- From after 5:30 P.M. on weekdays and all weekends, we might use space for organizing events and community activities. Members will be given priority to participate; we will send a notice to members about the events. In the case of members wishing to work during the time events occur, please notify so that Toong can arrange appropriate area for you.

2Policy for coworking space:

- Toong outdoor area is reserved for smokers. Please smoke in the designated area and no smoking in all rooms.
- Please use personal headphones, external speakers should not be turned on to cause noises.
- Please do not discuss loudly to avoid affecting other people around you.
- All properties of the workspace are utilities and benefits of customers. Therefore, please do not write, paint or damage items, including furniture, projectors, artworks, decorations, displays, microwaves, refrigerators ...
- Please do not change the layout, arrange furniture in the workspace without the permission of the management board.
- We encourage all members to keep the space clean, and avoid littering around the workspace.
- We love children; however, they might cause noises, affecting the workspace. Due to that reason, please do not bring children under the age of 12 while working at Toong including weekends and events. In reluctant cases, please remind your children to keep quiet or contact our receptionist for assistance.
- Do not carry inflammable or explosive substances, weapons or pets while working at Toong.
- You are free to express your personalities, but please choose suitable costume for working-in-public purpose while working at Toong.

3Motorbike parking area

Toong has space for motorbike parking; however, it can only hold limited number of motorbikes. Therefore, Toong will operate on the first-come-first-serve basis. In case of full space, our security guards will arrange the closest parking area. Parking fee in other areas is not included in package price.

4For other members of the community

- We encourage the exchange and interaction between members at Toong to create a cohesive community, and bringing efficiency to your work.
- Please respect the privacy of the work of other members.
- Please do not move personal belongings of other members without their permissions.

5Protection of personal belongings

Please protect your valuable personal belongings carefully. In case of loss, Toong will use recorded data on camera and cooperate with the authorities to solve the problem. Toong will not be responsible for damages occurred.


When you have guests coming to work with you, please inform the receptionist in advance about specific time in order to issue visitor pass. Every member is allowed to invite maximum two (02) guests to work at Toong in maximum three (03) hours. In case that you have more than two guests, please kindly use our conference room service, or Toong will charge seating fee for the number of guests exceeding our limit. Members need to present with their guests when they check in and check out at Toong.


You do not arbitrarily install additional equipment at Toong without the permission of the management board; do not change network settings or unauthorized internet access.


All members must be obliged to comply with the law and the legal responsibility for their business activities. We prohibit and will not take responsibilities if any member intentionally breaks the law.

9Membership cards:

- Membership card is applied for individuals, non-transferable, and is not allowed to share unless otherwise stated by the management board.
- Members are responsible for managing their cards and personal information, swipe the card when entering and leaving the workplace to determine total stay period. Members will be responsible for the cost incurred in the case of forgetting to swipe card. If necessary, Toong has the right to inspect personal documents (ID / passport) to determine the right people holding the cards.
- In the occurrence of card loss, please report immediately to the Management Board to lock the card in order to protect the benefits of members and community safety at Toong. The fee for reissuing membership card is VND 50,000 per card.
- Toong has the right to revoke the card and stop service package of members who violate the rules, or have fraudulent acts and business activities that are inconsistent with the law of Vietnam.


Please pay for all service fees by day or by month as prescribed by Toong.


All members while working at Toong have to comply with these regulations. Toong has the rights to change all regulations stated above for each specific stage.


To receive immediate assistance, please contact our receptionist or via our hotline 096 224 8585 for immediate assistance.