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Daring minds swimming against the current


In August 2015, the business community was keeping an eye on Toong, a brand new real-estate service. Partners doubted. Public derided. Investor frowned. At that time, virtually no one thought the coworking space model is practical in Vietnam. 

3 years have gone by since then. Looking back, we are proud that Toong, with unwavering determination and clear vision, has overcome doubts and managed to grow its network to 10 sites in 4 cities across Indochina, and inspire thousands of people to transform via its workspaces.




Break your limits

Everyone possesses undiscovered potentials. At Toong, each challenge is an opportunity to unleash one’s full capability.



Innovate with traditions

Each nation, however small, has its own unique culture, contributing to the universal values of humanity. Thus, being well-informed and proud of one’s root is the main foundation for one’s sustainable development.



Innovation is built upon ethics

 Innovation is the process of creating and sharing new values for others, helping advance society. Thus, the prerequisite to become a true innovator lies at how you are treating others.



Respect diversity

 Respecting diversity is the foundation for fruitful cooperation, creating a land full of opportunities where different perspectives and disciplines intersect and give birth to new ideas.



Actions over words 

 The world cannot be changed by words alone. At Toong, we strive to make life better by improving ourselves and taking real actions.